NATO Builds Largest European Base in Romania

Romania has begun construction on the largest North Atlantic Treaty Organization base in Europe, Euronews reported on March 16.

The base will be almost 3,000 hectares—the size of a small city—and have the capacity to permanently host up to 10,000 nato soldiers and their families. The project will cost around $2.7 billion and will include runways, weapons platforms, hangars for military aircraft, schools, shops and even a hospital.

The base will be an extension of the Romanian Air Force 57th Air Base Mihail Kogălniceanu, which is located near the Black Sea port city of Constanta.

Fear of Russia: The construction of a massive nato base near the Black Sea shows that Europe and its allies increasingly fear Russia, especially since its invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has historically loomed over Romania and the European eastern flank as a source of instability, oppression and aggression. As such, we are constantly working to counter any and all Russian attempts to destabilize Romania and our partners.
—Marcel Ciolacu, Romanian prime minister

Europe militarizing: The threat from Russia is forcing Europe to build its military capabilities in an effort to defend against a potential conflict. Bible prophecy shows Europe will soon form into a united military superpower consisting of both East and West European nations.

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