Obama Plans Reelection Campaign With Biden

Former United States President Barack Obama met with President Joe Biden for several hours in the White House’s family dining room on Friday to discuss Biden’s reelection bid.

Increased visits: The next day, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined them via phone call to mark the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. In the call, Obama said, “We have the chance to do even more, but that only happens if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November.”

An anonymous senior aide to Biden told the New York Times that Obama has “always” been concerned about a Biden loss.

The Obama-Biden affiliation will likely heighten as the president’s November rematch with Donald Trump approaches. Sources told cnn that the two speak regularly (often instigated by Biden) and that Obama is in constant contact with top White House officials, including Jeff Zients, Biden’s chief of staff and a former worker in Obama’s administration.

On Thursday, Obama and Biden will have a conversation with former President Bill Clinton at a Manhattan fundraiser.

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