Biden Administration Announces Plan to Phase Out Gas Cars

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday its plan to phase out a majority of gas-powered vehicles by 2032. Environmental Protection Agency (epa) administrator Michael S. Regan called the new rules the “strongest vehicle pollution technology standard ever finalized in United States history.”

Set to take effect in 2027, the plans require car manufacturers to cut emissions and increase sales of electric vehicles (EVs) to make up 56 percent of new sales by 2032. Companies that comply will receive tax incentives.

Low demand: Automotive dealerships across the nation say the new targets do not match the demand for electric vehicles.

The epa’s final rule remains too aggressive and far ahead of consumer demand. Our experience working with consumers every day makes us highly skeptical that consumers will adopt EVs anywhere near the levels required. The charging infrastructure is not ready, the current incentives are not sufficient, and high EV prices will price out millions of consumers, particularly low-income Americans, from the new-car market.
—Mike Stanton, ceo of the National Automobile Dealers Assoc.

Yet some states, such as California, along with the District of Columbia, plan to sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

While the Biden administration’s new plans do not ban gas-powered vehicles, manufacturers will at least have to become “technology neutral” to meet emission standards. This means they must sell more hybrid cars or improve the efficiency of gas-powered engines.

Climate control: In “What the Paris Climate Agreement Was Really About,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote that government climate regulations aren’t about protecting the environment but taking control of the people:

These “environmentalists” talk like the scientific community unanimously agrees that carbon dioxide emission reduction is the solution, and if we don’t take action immediately, the planet is doomed. The reality is that there is far from being a scientific consensus on this point. (Read our article “Greenhouse Apocalypse.”) In fact, examples abound of scientific fraud supposedly proving man-made climate change.

Why would scientists deceive the public on this topic? Well, if you see who is really behind it, you understand that the real issue here is control.

Environmental regulation gives significantly more power to bureaucrats. The governments most in favor of confronting climate change are the socialist, Marxist-type governments that want to control everything.