Iran Chairs UN Disarmament Conference

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism, assumed presidency of the United Nations Conference on Disarmament on Monday.

Iran will preside over two sessions of negotiations on arms control and disarmament agreements from March 18 to 29 and May 13 to May 24. Then the chairmanship will rotate to the next member state.

Irony: Topics on the agenda include:

  • Ending the nuclear arms race and disarmament
  • Preventing nuclear war
  • Implementing a comprehensive disarmament program
  • Transparency in armaments

Iran is in clear violation of each of these topics.

Going nuclear: Despite Iran’s lack of transparency, the International Atomic Energy Agency has found Iran to be stockpiling highly enriched uranium to levels suggesting a deliberate weapons program. Highly enriched uranium is a critical element to producing nuclear bombs.

Today, Iran assumed responsibilities as the chair of the United Nations’ Conference on Disarmament. An adversary nation actively pursuing the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons is now chairing the single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum. Western appeasement of Iran, especially in assuming this role, only serves to degrade the institution and its efforts.

Iran has, for decades, lied to the international community regarding its nuclear development and unabashedly serves as perhaps the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Iran should be prohibited from occupying this post and banned from holding any leadership role in the international community, especially any to do with weapons of mass destruction.
—Mike Gallagher, United States congressman

Destined to fail: The fact that Iran is leading the Disarmament Conference, while it is in clear violation of what the conference stand for, shows the shortcomings of the UN. At the inaugural UN conference in 1945, late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong predicted this international body was destined to fail.

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