Pornhub Leaves Texas Due to Age-Verification Law

Pornhub and other affiliated pornographic websites blocked access to users in Texas after the Lone Star State passed a law requiring age verification before someone can view pornographic sites.

A federal appeals court on March 7 upheld Texas law requiring age-verification procedures to guarantee that only those 18 and older can access pornographic sites. Pornhub retaliated by disabling its website to viewers of all ages in Texas; it aims to pressure Texas lawmakers into reversing the age-verification requirements.

Predatory behavior: A Common Sense Media survey found that the average age for exposure to pornography is 12 years old. The Child Guard institution estimates that 90 percent of children between ages 8 and 16 have seen online pornography.

Pornhub claims it objects to the law because it could open adults up to blackmail or reputation damage if they share their IDs so children can watch pornography. But child viewers of pornography are clearly a big market for the site.

Pornography is harmful to people of every age, so Texas should have banned Pornhub completely. But because of legal disputes over “free speech” in America, it was banned only for those under 18. The law is intended to protect those too young to protect themselves.

Destroying family: In his booklet No Freedom Without Law, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes:

Deep down we know that pornography is evil! In the past, even the thought of it caused us shame. At one time we also declared a war on pornography, but we don’t hear much about that war anymore. … We lost that war as well.

What does it mean to lose the war on pornography? It means losing the values that build strong marriages and strong families. Strong families are the backbone of any strong nation. Yet we have been overcome by something we were too weak to resist.

Pornhub is banking on Texas adults sacrificing their children to the pornography industry to get their lewd material back. Let’s hope they let Pornhub leave for good.

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