National Guard Deployed to NYC Subway

New York City commuters today are encountering hundreds of national guardsmen as they ride the subway. Along with 250 New York State Police and Metro Transit Authority officials, 750 national guardsmen are helping patrol transit stations, check bags, and establish security in a manner not seen since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

This comes after Gov. Kathy Hochul made the surprise deployment announcement last week at a transit center in Midtown. She announced five main points:

  • Deploy hundreds of national guardsmen and state police officers.
  • Install new surveillance equipment.
  • Improve communications between law enforcement and district attorneys.
  • Enable courts to ban people who are convicted of violent crimes from public transit.
  • Spend $20 million on a test program for addressing mental health.

Banning convicts from public transit will require an amendment to the state constitution.

Will this plan make New York’s subway safer? In New York and in America’s largest cities nationwide, there is a rising trend toward lawlessness. Ezekiel 7 and other Bible prophecies state that violent crimes will intensify.