Evangelical Group to Spend $62 Million to Get Donald Trump Reelected

A prominent evangelical advocacy group led by Ralph Reed is planning to spend $62 million this election cycle to help Donald Trump get reelected, Politico reported on March 11.

Reed is a former director of Christian Coalition of America; his evangelical advocacy group is called the Faith & Freedom Coalition. In the lead-up to the 2020 elections, this group spent $52 million registering and turning out evangelical voters for President Trump. This year, it will increase this figure by $10 million.

Efforts will include campaigning door-to-door, texting and calling supporters. The group is also expected to hand out some 30 million pieces of literature, primarily in battleground states.

Religious movement: Exit polls from the 2020 elections indicate that more than 8 in 10 white evangelical Protestant voters who frequently attend religious services voted for Trump, making it one of the Republican Party’s most loyal constituencies.

Concerned about America’s drift away from biblical and constitutional values, many Christians see Trump as a godsend to save America from the “deep state.”

King’s chapel: President Trump is trying to save America’s constitutional republic from an entrenched bureaucracy that has taken over. But many Christians fail to see that the deep state isn’t the cause of America’s problems but rather a symptom of a widespread spiritual sickness. This is why a prophecy in Amos 7:13 indicates Trump will be supported by a religious chapel that accepts him while rejecting God’s prophecies.

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