Hungary Votes in Favor of Sweden Joining NATO

Hungary’s parliament approved Sweden’s request to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Monday. Sweden is now set to become nato’s 32nd member state.

Sweden announced its bid to join the security alliance in 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine. Membership requires approval from all 31 nato member states. Hungary was the final one to decide.

After months of delays, Hungary’s parliament vote 188 to 6 in favor of Sweden’s membership, prompting Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson to call it a “historic day.”

When it comes to Russia, the only thing we can expect is that they will not like that Sweden is becoming a nato member. What they do in addition to that, we cannot know. We are prepared for all sorts of things.
—Ulf Kristersson

Reshaping Europe: For years the Trumpet has been warning that Europe is quickly uniting and militarizing because of threats from Russia. Europe’s fear of Russia was prophesied in the Bible.

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