UNRWA Is a Proxy for Hamas

Israeli soldiers patrol an evacuated compound of the UNRWA in Gaza City on February 8 amid ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas.
JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

UNRWA Is a Proxy for Hamas

Instead of peace the United Nations has brought terror.

The United Nations was founded after World War ii to prevent another similar war and Holocaust. An Israeli intelligence dossier released to the public on January 29, however, shows that the UN is helping carry out terrorist attacks.

The six-page Israeli document alleges that the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (unrwa)—responsible for administering health care, education and welfare to Palestinians—has been assisting terrorist organizations.

According to Israeli intel:

  • Roughly 1,200 unrwa employees, or 10 percent of the agency’s staff, have ties to either Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
  • 50 percent of the employees have at least one close relative with ties to the terrorist organizations.
  • At least 190 workers are Hamas or Islamic Jihad operatives.

Names and photos of 12 unrwa workers that took part in the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, were also given. Nine were teachers, mostly primary or secondary school instructors, and one was a social worker.

  • Seven were accused of crossing into Israel on October 7.
  • A school counselor from Khan Younis in southern Gaza was said to have worked with his son to abduct a woman from Israel.
  • A teacher armed himself with an anti-tank missile the night before the attack.
  • Another teacher took photos of a female hostage.
  • A social worker helped take the body of a dead Israeli soldier to Gaza.
  • One worker took part in the massacre of Kibbutz Be’eri that killed 97 people.
  • Another worker was tracked to the Supernova music festival near Re’im, where 360 people were slaughtered.
  • Others were accused of coordinating logistics and procuring weapons ahead of and on the day of the attack.

Two of the 12 men listed were killed by Israeli forces. unrwa fired another nine of them on January 26. The final man is still being identified.

“Any unrwa employee who was involved in acts of terror will be held accountable, including through criminal prosecution,” claimed unrwa chief Philippe Lazzarini. The agency, however, says it should not be penalized for these actions. It argues that its humanitarian work is too important to shut down the whole agency because of the political views of a handful of its workers.

Various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, have suspended funding to the agency until further investigations can be conducted. unwra says that if this funding is not restored soon, its aid operations to Gaza will not have the means to continue and will dissolve entirely by the end of February.

According to UN Secretary General António Guterres, “unrwa is the backbone of all humanitarian response in Gaza,” therefore, every effort should be made to keep the agency running. But unrwa is not the UN’s only aid agency, nor is it the UN’s only agency working in Gaza.

unrwa provides aid strictly to Palestinian refugees, but other agencies like the UN High Commissioner for Refugees aids and protects refugees from all around the world. If unrwa were dissolved, the UN’s other agencies would still be able to provide assistance to Palestinians.

There are at least 12 other UN aid agencies currently working in Gaza to support Palestinians. But these agencies have also been found helping Hamas in one way or another. A report from January 21 by director of ngo Monitor, Prof. Gerald Steinberg, explains:

UN agencies, government aid programs and ngos [nongovernment organizations] have consistently and willfully aided and abetted Hamas as it built its vast terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. They diverted aid money to Hamas to fund its terrorist activities, provided propaganda and disinformation support to Hamas in its efforts to tarnish and discredit Israel, and indoctrinated Gazan schoolchildren to hate Jews.

unrwa’s problem is not just ‘a few bad apples’ involved in the October 7 massacre,” a senior Israeli government official told the Wall Street Journal. “The institution as a whole is a haven for Hamas’s radical ideology.”

A large portion of unrwa’s staff work in Gaza’s educational department, serving as school principals, vice principals and teachers. Last March, United Nations Watch and the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education released a joint report showing that unrwa’s teachers are indoctrinating Palestinian children in anti-Semitism.

“[T]hese unrwa teachers prepare teaching materials for their students that glorify terrorism, encourage martyrdom, demonize Israel and deny its very existence, and spread anti-Semitism,” the report states. “unrwa deliberately and systematically hires teachers who publicly praise Hitler, glorify terrorist attacks against Israeli children, and spread Goebbels-like conspiracy theories against Jews.”

unrwa is required to teach from textbooks made in the “host country,” the report explains. Gaza’s textbooks are full of material that coaches children on violence and hate speech against Israelis. The organization says it encourages its teachers to skip over these sections.

The Israel Defense Forces (idf) has also found numerous stores of guns and ammunition in and around unrwa classrooms. Former idf spokesman Jonathan Conricus told the New York Sun, “Every unrwa school we entered had Hamas weapons in it. Each one was a place for Hamas to hide in and fight from.”

In 2014, a Hamas missile launcher factory was discovered adjacent to an agricultural school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. The idf found some of the launchers still loaded, ready to be fired. Hamas had used this school’s location, as well as some of the unrwa’s other buildings, to launch attacks on Israel. But when Israel tries to strike back, unrwa criticizes Israel for striking too close to its facilities.

In fact, unrwa is one of Israel’s biggest critics. In South Africa’s petition to the International Criminal Court of Justice accusing Israel of committing genocide in its war against Hamas, it cited unrwa 13 times to support its claim.

“[M]any of the charges, false and unfounded, that were leveled against us in the Hague, were brought by unrwa officials,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a meeting of UN ambassadors in Jerusalem on January 31. “unrwa is totally infiltrated with Hamas. … We need to get other UN agencies and other aid agencies replacing unrwa.”

It is also important to note that the UN does not recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization. Following the October 7 massacre, the General Assembly failed to agree to a resolution that would have “unequivocally” condemned the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas. Instead, the UN adopted a resolution titled “Protection of Civilians and Upholding Legal and Humanitarian Obligations,” which called for an immediate truce and “unhindered humanitarian access.”

“This is a dark day for the UN and for mankind,” UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan said following the UN’s decision. “Today is a day that will go down as infamy. We have all witnessed that the UN no longer holds even one ounce of legitimacy or relevance.”

The late theologian Hebert W. Armstrong prophesied of the UN’s failure. By the end of his life, many called Mr. Armstrong an “unofficial ambassador for world peace.” But when he attended the inaugural session of the United Nations in San Francisco in late April 1945, he said:

Already I see the clouds of World War iii gathering at this conference. I do not see peace being germinated here, but the seeds of the next war! [T]he United Nations conference was producing nothing but strife and bickering, and was destined from its inception to end in total failure. Yet world leaders were pronouncing it the world’s last hope—with the only alternative annihilation of humanity!

Nearly 80 years later, Mr. Armstrong’s prediction is truer than ever. Rather than creating peace, the UN has sponsored terror, and its members assisted in the greatest attack on Israelis since the Holocaust. The UN aided and abetted in the very thing it was created to stop.

If the UN was man’s last hope for peace, it has failed and all hope is lost. However, the Bible says that although man is hopeless to bring peace, God is not. Mr. Armstrong wrote in his book The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like:

The Scriptures of the Holy Bible, the inspired revelation of that supreme God to mankind, have foretold today’s world conditions and trends—and give us the advance news of coming peace on Earth—of universal prosperity—of happiness and joy—of veritable utopia! This is the good news of the World Tomorrow. And it is absolutely sure. It is sure, because it does not depend on men, or anything men might do. God is going to do it, in spite of rebellious man. Man would fail. Man always did fail. God never fails!

All hope is not lost. This time is still soon to come! To learn more, read “Peacekeeping UNdone.”