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The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like

You don’t have to believe it! It will happen, regardless. It is sure-the world’s only sure hope. This advance good news of tomorrow is as certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun. Humanity won’t bring it about-it is going to be done to us. Humanity is going to be forced to be happy-to enjoy world peace-to see universal abundance and joy fill the Earth.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Three World Views—Only One Is Going to Happen Read »
Chapter 2: One Last “Obituary” Look at Today’s World Read »
Chapter 3: The Cause of All World Troubles Read »
Chapter 4: The New World Government Read »
Chapter 5: Education and Religion Tomorrow Read »
Chapter 6: Now Picture Tomorrow’s World! Read »
Chapter 7: … And All Speaking the Same Language Read »