China Presumably Aids Russia Through Belarus

A Chinese plane believed to be carrying military supplies landed in Belarus four times between January 8 and 11, Ukrainska Pravda reported on Monday.

Mysterious cargo: The plane’s cargo is unknown. The aircraft parked in Minsk National Airport’s vip zone, spot 1A, which is reserved for Belarussian government planes and normally used by Belarussian President Aleksandr Lukashenko. This location likely allowed it to bypass customs, causing analysts to believe it carried military supplies.

Asian unification: Belarus is unofficially controlled by Russia, which means that any military aid sent to Belarus likely goes straight to the Russian Army. Despite Western efforts to isolate Russia, it is receiving steady support from its Asian neighbors.

Thousands of years ago, the Bible prophesied that Russia and China would unite Asia to form the largest military alliance the world has ever seen. The strengthening ties between Moscow and Beijing align with these prophecies.

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