EU-MERCOSUR Trade Talks Still Active

The European Commission assured journalists on January 30 that talks between the European Union and the mercosur trade bloc are ongoing even though a French official claimed French President Emmanuel Macron had scuttled a proposed trade deal.

The EU and mercosur have been trying to finalize a trade deal for 25 years, but agricultural imports have been a sticking point. European farmers don’t want to compete with Latin American farmers, and farmer protests against Macron’s government have soured many French officials against the deal.

Yet the European Commission is determined to join Europe and Latin America in a giant trade bloc.

Dark history: Shortly before World War i, German Gen. Otto Tannenberg wrote, “Germany will take under its protection the republics of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay; furthermore, the southern third of Bolivia and the southern portion of Brazil” (Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn, The Plot Against the Peace, 1945).

Germany’s defeat in World War i stalled these plans. They resumed, however, after Adolf Hitler came to power.

Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels wrote in the March 26, 1944, issue of Das Reich, “Argentina will one day be at the head of a tariff union comprising the nations in the southern half of South America. Such a focus of opposition against the United States of America will, together with Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, form a powerful economic bloc; and eventually, by way of Peru, it will spread northward to place the dollar colony of Brazil in a difficult position.”

It is unsettling how closely today’s South America matches Goebbels’s prediction.

Trade war: The Nazis and their industrial agents have since died, but their children and successors are working to strengthen the relationship between Latin American countries and Europe. The EU-mercosur deal will not be good for German farmers, but many German elites care more about geopolitical power than their people.

In his book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong explained that the English-speaking peoples who settled in the U.S. and Britain are descendants of the ancient Israelites. A prophecy in the book of Deuteronomy shows that these descendants of modern-day Israel will be besieged (Deuteronomy 28:49-52).

The U.S. cannot be besieged unless Latin America is part of that siege. That is why Mr. Armstrong predicted that the alliance between Europe and Latin America would grow strong.

Leaders in Europe want to control Latin America so they can challenge the U.S. The seeds are being sown for a devastating trade war.

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