Report: War Between Russia and NATO ‘No Longer Unthinkable’

Many analysts believe a war between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is possible within five years of a Ukrainian loss, the New York Times wrote on Monday.

Standing without America: Europe is concerned about Donald Trump’s likely return to the White House next year because he has vowed to leave nato and restrict or end aid to America’s allies.

Europe has reacted by ramping up militarization to be ready to stand up to Russia without the United States.

The past few years have also made it very, very clear that a lot of nato militaries are not ready to fight Russia.
—Maj. Gen. Veiko-Vello Palm, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces

Main takeaway: Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has warned for decades that Russian aggression would spark European militarization. His warning is based on Bible prophecy. To learn more, read “Russia’s War on Ukraine Is Reshaping Europe.”