Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iranian Drone Attack

Three United States soldiers were killed and at least 34 were injured in an Iran-backed drone strike on a base in northeastern Jordan on Saturday night. This is Iran’s boldest attack against U.S. personnel since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

A one-way attack drone hit the living quarters of Tower 22, a small military outpost near Jordan’s border with Iraq and Syria. Iranian militants have attacked U.S. troops more than 150 times since October, but the strike on Tower 22 was the first time U.S. service members were killed.

‘We shall respond’: In a speech at a campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday, Joe Biden spoke of the attack and told the crowd, “We shall respond.” In his press release that same day, Biden said, “Have no doubt, we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing.”

The question now is, how will Biden respond and will the response be strong enough?

After previous attacks, the Biden administration restrained from blaming or responding directly to Iran. Some officials believe Biden must now respond forcefully.

‘Sitting ducks’: Sen. Tom Cotton accused Biden of using “our troops as sitting ducks,” and letting Iran attack when stronger force could have been used to deter it sooner.

The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East.
—Tom Cotton

Sen. Lindsey Graham echoed Cotton’s view in a post on X.

“It’s long past time for President Biden to finally hold the terrorist Iranian regime and their extremist proxies accountable for the attacks they’ve carried out,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, who leads the U.S. military oversight committee in the House of Representatives.

Iran’s boldness: Iran’s aggression is rapidly growing more brazen, and America’s lack of response has emboldened it. Bible prophecy warns Iran will continue to push until it ignites a wide-scale regional conflict.

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