Vatican Appoints Communist Bishop in China

The Vatican Press Office announced on January 25 the consecration of a new bishop in China under the secretive terms of Pope Francis’s concordat: Thaddeus Wang Yuesheng has been consecrated “within the framework of the Provisional Agreement between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China.”

Chinese authorities confirm that Wang previously served as chairman of the state church’s Catholic Patriotic Congress in Henan.

Communist concordat: The text of the Provisional Agreement between the Vatican and China remains secret, but we know it gives an atheist regime a role in appointing bishops. It may also discourage the pope from speaking about Communist human rights abuses.

Before this deal, about half of China’s 10 to 12 million Catholics worshiped in underground churches that refused to recognize Communist control over their faith. The other half worshiped in the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, a church run by clergy appointed and controlled by the Communist Party.

The deal was supposed to be a compromise in the name of unity, but now a chairman of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association is a bishop in China. So it appears that Beijing still holds control.

Dark history: When the China concordat was first signed, the last British governor of Hong Kong warned that the Vatican was making a serious mistake by cozying up to China just as it was slipping back into the most extreme dictatorship since Mao Zedong.

Retired Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen said the deal was analogous to signing a contract with Adolf Hitler, something the Vatican did on July 20, 1933. It appears the Vatican has not learned from its history.

Prophecy says: Revelation 17 reveals that a powerful religious entity will rise in the end time and become the guiding force over a great economic powerhouse that intoxicates all nations with its wealth and splendor.

“[T]he merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury” (Revelation 18:3; New King James Version). Notice that these merchants are active not only in Europe but all over the Earth, doing business in all nations.

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