Majority Believe Obama Is Biden’s Puppeteer

Most Americans believe Barack Obama controls the Biden White House, according to a Rasmussen poll posted Friday.

Details: The poll surveyed 935 likely voters from January 15 to 17, with a margin sampling error of plus or minus 3 percent and 95 percent level of confidence.

  • 63 percent believe it is likely Obama influences Biden (40 percent overall say it is “very likely”; 56 percent of Democrats said it was “somewhat likely”).
  • 53 percent believe Biden is Obama’s “puppet.”
  • 53 percent of unaffiliated voters at least “somewhat agree” that Obama heads the White House.
  • 37 percent “strongly agree” with Rep. Greg Murphy who said Biden is “a puppet for a progressive left committee … headed by Obama.”

The biggest takeaway: The Trumpet has said since Biden took office that Obama was essentially his puppeteer. We also said Obama’s role would be exposed.

This forecast is based on the sure word of Bible prophecy.

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