Israeli Ambassador: Germany Is Our Closest European Ally

Because of Germany’s “amazing” response to the October 7 Hamas attacks and its “awakening” to the Iranian threat, Germany is now Israel’s closest ally in Europe, Israel’s ambassador to Berlin, Ron Prosor, said in an interview with the Telegraph published December 23.

Prosor also indicated that a new defense pact between the two countries could soon be announced. Germany has become Israel’s “second strategic partner” after the United States, Prosor said.

For years, Israel has been saying watch out for the mullahs and ayatollahs in Iran. It’s not Israel’s problem; it’s a world problem. And I think there’s an awakening—not just in Germany, but let’s focus on Germany—on the fact that suddenly drones made in Iran with cooperation with Russia are being seen over Ukraine.
—Ron Prosor

Turning point: The Telegraph noted:

Britain would typically be considered Israel’s closest European ally, but Germany and Israel have recently embarked on a major new security partnership which includes the sale of the Israeli Arrow 3 air defense system, which will be used to defend Europe’s skies from Russia.

History reverted? Prosor believes Germany has “scrutinized its past in an amazing way and looked themselves in the mirror on all dimensions.” But he also expressed concern about a “worrisome” surge in support across Germany for the hard-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

A warning ignored: One of the AfD’s main goals is to erase German feelings of guilt about its past. According to the Forsa Institute, the AfD today would receive a greater percentage of votes than the Nazi Party received in the Reichstag elections in September 1930.

The Trumpet has long warned that Israel’s trust in Germany is misplaced. In fact, it is certain to lead to the greatest historic betrayal.

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