Xi Tells Biden China Will Take Taiwan

Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping boldly stood up to United States President Joe Biden during last month’s summit in San Francisco, California, asserting that Beijing will soon claim Taiwan as part of China. nbc News cited three current and former U.S. officials on Wednesday who reported that Xi followed his proclamation by saying he simply had not decided when to take the island.

Xi reportedly expressed a desire to take the island peacefully, not by force. However, China has an anti-secession law that mandates Taiwan be taken by force if diplomatic means fail.

Before the summit, Chinese officials had asked Biden to make a public statement saying he supports Sino-Taiwanese unification and opposes Taiwanese independence. Biden refused.

Decline of America: Xi’s bold comments show that much of the world no longer fears American power. This story illustrates America’s decline and China’s rise, both of which are trends foretold millenniums ago in Bible prophecy.

The Bible prophesied that America would lose its power because of sin. Scripture also foretold China’s rise as one of the countries to fill the gap left by the once mighty U.S.

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