Former Italian Prime Minister: Expanding European Union Was ‘Colossal Error’

Speaking at a November 29 presentation of a book about the Roman Empire, former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi lamented the fact that the European Union has no common foreign policy or single army.

By expanding the European Union to 28 members [before Brexit] we made a colossal error [in thinking] that it could work with the rules that were put in place when there were just 12 members. Let’s hope that those founding values that brought us together will hold us together. Today, the growth model has dissolved and we need to reinvent a way of growing.
—Mario Draghi

Single megastate: Draghi is promoting a book by Aldo Cazzullo, titled When We Were Masters of the World. Cazzullo makes the case that Italy is important not only because Ferrari is fast and the pizza is good, but because the idea of ​​world government was born there.

Draghi, discouraged when comparing the EU with the Roman Empire, said Europe should become a “megastate.” He stopped short of saying more nations besides Britain should leave the EU, but he noted that there were too many member states to effectively manage.

Ten kings: For more than 75 years, the Trumpet and our predecessor, the Plain Truth, founded by the late Herbert W. Armstrong, have predicted that the European Union would be pared down to 10 members who would surrender their military might to a pan-European leader playing the role of a modern-day Caesar. Brexit was the beginning of this paring down process, but European leaders like Draghi are realizing the EU needs fewer members if it wants to rule the world.

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