Fischer: The EU Needs Its Own Nukes

Fearing the return of Donald Trump to the White House and increased Russian aggression, former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer called on December 3 for the European Union to rearm and acquire its own nuclear weapons.

The EU needs its own nuclear deterrent. The world has changed; [Russian President Vladimir] Putin also works with nuclear blackmail.
—Joschka Fischer

Fischer also called for more conventional deterrence:

That is the lesson Ukraine is teaching us. Ukraine urgently needs an effective air defense. And we as Europe urgently need an effective air defense. We have to do this together. We must also become capable of deterring and defending against cyberaggression.

Fearing Trump: Fischer also expressed fear of a shaky trans-Atlantic relationship in the event of Donald Trump’s return to the White House, since Trump has often questioned America’s military partnership with European nations.

I hope that America and Europe stay connected. But what will happen if Donald Trump is reelected? In view of this scenario, Europe must also ask itself this question seriously.
—Joschka Fischer

Call for independence: Berlin political scientist Herfried Münkler echoed this sentiment in an interview with Stern magazine.

Europe must build up nuclear capabilities. The British may have nuclear submarines, France the bomb, but will they really use them to protect Lithuania or Poland?
—Herfried Münkler

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have access to United States nuclear bombs and are preparing to use them. But for many, this is not enough.

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