Russian and Chinese Officials Plan Russia-Crimea Tunnel

Russian and Chinese business moguls have conducted secret talks about constructing an undersea tunnel from Russia to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, the Washington Post reported on November 24, citing intercepted communications.

Over troubled water: Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, and completed an 11-mile bridge connecting it to Russia four years later.

  • This bridge has served as a vital supply route for the Russian military.
  • It transfers weapons, ammunition and personnel.
  • In October 2022 and July 2023, attacks claimed by Ukraine collapsed parts of the bridge.
  • This resulted in lengthy shutdowns for repairs.
  • Such attacks are a blow not only to supply lines crucial to the war effort but also to the prestige of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who takes great pride in the bridge.

Undersea alternative: Now, especially with Ukraine acquiring longer-range missiles, Putin hopes to establish a new undersea connection that would be less vulnerable to attacks. “[Russia] faces risk that Ukraine will try to disrupt the Kerch bridge for many years to come,” said Alexander Gabuev, an expert on Russia-China ties at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center.

Enter China: One of China’s main state-owned construction firms, the Chinese Railway Construction Corp. (crcc), signaled a willingness in an intercepted e-mail to help Russia with the ambitious project.

This would pose serious financial and political risks to China, possibly ensnaring the nation in economic sanctions imposed on Russia by America and Europe over its war against Ukraine. But the e-mail showed that the Chinese think they can minimize the risk by taking part only under full confidentiality, with crcc’s identification data scrubbed from all contracts.

Asian axis: China’s willingness to aid Russia despite major risks should not surprise us. Bible prophecy warns that Russia and China will become full military allies in the near future and form the largest army the world has ever seen.

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