China Hosts Military Exercises With Five Southeast Asian Nations

China began hosting Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam for joint military exercises on November 13. The “Aman Youyi 2023” (“Peace and Friendship 2023”) exercises are drilling land and naval movements, focusing on anti-terrorist efforts and maritime security. The exercises include 3,000 participants and will last until November 22.

China’s Defense Ministry said the drills will “deepen military mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation, and jointly preserve regional peace and stability.”

Global implications: Though this is the fifth edition of these exercises, it is the first time China has been the host. It is also the first time Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have joined the drills.

China is drawing much closer to Southeast Asian nations. This is significant for three main reasons:

  1. Rising tensions concerning disputes over the South China Sea
  2. China’s move to push America out of the Indo-Pacific
  3. Asian military unification prophesied in the Bible

Dress rehearsal: World War iii is coming. Scripture warns that “the kings of the east” (an Asian axis led by Russia and China) will be a greater player in this conflict than any other nation or alliance. The Bible says this Asian coalition will form a 200 million-man army and will kill a third of mankind.

Today’s so-called “Peace and Friendship” exercises are a rehearsal for the time when Asian nations will fight shoulder-to-shoulder in a worldwide nuclear conflict.

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