Feds Bust Brothel Catering to Wealthy, Politicians, Military Officials

Federal prosecutors have charged three Asian men with running a high-end brothel network that caters to wealthy elites.

This commercial sex ring was built on secrecy and exclusivity, catering to wealthy and well-connected clientele. They are doctors; they are lawyers; they’re accountants; they are executives at high-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies; they’re military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists. Pick a profession, they’re probably represented in this case.
—Joshua Levy, acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts

Perverted elite: Since only the brothel owners have been charged with a crime, their clientele list has not been made public. Yet the type of clients using this sex ring were primarily from America’s ruling elite.

The Jeffrey Epstein and Hunter Biden scandals have given Americans a peek into the sordid world of sex perversion frequented by many of their leaders. But the rot goes far deeper than many realize.

Between 15,000 and 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the United States every year, and many of the clients exploiting them are wealthy politicians.

Prophecy says: America’s immorality runs deep, and a lot of it is being led from the top—the doctors, government contractors, lawyers, military officers and politicians leading the nation. Several scriptures prophesied the extreme immorality in our nation.

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