German Arms Exports to Israel Increase 10-Fold Since Hamas Terrorist Attack

The world’s fifth-largest arms exporter is gearing up to export even more armaments. As of November 2, the German government has approved the export of $323 million worth of defense equipment to Israel. That is nearly 10 times more defense equipment than Germany sold Israel last year.

A German government source told the Jerusalem Post that Berlin has been prioritizing arms sales to Israel since Hamas’s October 7 massacre. The Israel-Hamas war will likely prompt the Israel Defense Forces to develop a much closer relationship with the German Bundeswehr.

Thawing relations: After World War ii and the Holocaust, the relationship between Israel and Germany was cold. After West Germany offered to pay Israel reparations in 1952, however, the relationship gradually thawed until the two established diplomatic relations in 1965.

Yet because a deep mistrust of the German people remained in Israel, German-Israeli military cooperation was shrouded in secrecy for decades. It has only been since the establishment of German-Israeli intergovernmental consultations in 2008 that the nations have been public friends.

Double cross: Despite the Bundeswehr’s enthusiasm for Israeli arms sales, however, the German government continues to back the two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And Bible prophecy says Germany will double-cross Israel.

Hosea 5:13 shows that Judah and Ephraim will call out to King Jareb of Assyria for help, but will be conquered by the very people they view as peacemakers. This prophesies a time when the descendants of Israel will seek help from a modern-day revival of the Holy Roman Empire.

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