Pope Francis Speaks With Iranian President About Israel-Hamas War

As the Israel-Hamas war intensifies, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church is reaching out to Iran and pushing for a two-state solution.

On November 5, Pope Francis called Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to discuss Gaza. The Vatican admits only that the call took place at the request of Raisi, but the Iranian president’s office has provided more details.

Apparently, Raisi thanked Francis for his earlier calls for peace, noting that it is the duty of followers of all Abrahamic religions to “support the oppressed people of Palestine.” Raisi asked Francis to exert his influence to end the attacks in Gaza, which he called “the greatest genocide of the century.”

Unlikely allies: Iran and the Catholic Church seem unlikely allies in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, yet both powers desire a Palestinian state. Granted, Iran ultimately wants a caliphate that controls the entire Levant, while the Vatican claims to want a Palestinian state that peacefully coexists alongside a Jewish state. In the short term, both powers have a vested interest in weakening Jewish control over the Holy Land.

In his November 5 Angelus, Francis renewed his call for a ceasefire and said he hoped “avenues will be pursued so that an escalation of the conflict might be absolutely avoided so that the wounded can be rescued and help might get to the population of Gaza where the humanitarian situation is extremely serious.”

The Iranian regime supports such statements as long as they influence the Jews to go easy on Gaza, but it has no intention of letting the Jewish state exist indefinitely. Iran is only cooperating with the Vatican in the short term.

Vatican strategy: Like Iran, the Vatican wants to control Jerusalem. Last September, the Vatican’s foreign minister called for an internationally guaranteed statute on Jerusalem to ensure “the equal rights and duties of the faithful of the three monotheistic religions.”

Yet since the Jews and Muslims have proved unable to coexist peacefully in the Holy Land, such a statute would have to be enforced by powerful Western nations where Catholicism is more influential than either Judaism or Islam. The Vatican understands this and therefore pushes for a two-state solution as an excuse to get the Christian West involved in Israel.

Last crusade: Even though Pope Francis presents himself as a peacemaker, the Bible reveals that a Catholic-dominated Holy Roman Empire will go to war to seize control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.

A prophecy in Daniel 11:40-45 indicates the Vatican will ultimately move its headquarters to Jerusalem, but only after the political head of the Holy Roman Empire (“the king of the north”) wages a brutal war against the radical Islamic powers trying to seize control of Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

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