Russia Modernizing Its Military

Russia is developing cutting-edge weaponry based on new technologies and principles, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

If we look at the security sector, weapons based on new physical principles will guarantee the security of any country in the near future. We understand this well and are working to achieve it.
—Vladimir Putin

Putin was referring to weapons with better technology than those currently used by Russia. Such technology includes laser, ultrasonic, radio frequency, etc.

Russia is looking for a breakthrough in its war against Ukraine. Putin’s announcement came the day after the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia is planning to mobilize 400,000 to 700,000 new soldiers.

Effects on the war: Technology is a major factor in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Much of the modern weaponry Ukraine is receiving from the West is technologically superior to that in Russia’s arsenals. Even the arms Putin requests from other countries are comparatively outdated.

If the technological gap in this war closes, it could have a major effect on Russia’s ability to push Ukraine back.

End result: The Bible prophesies that Russia will soon return to superpower status. Biblical books such as Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation warn that Putin will soon lead a mighty military alliance from the East and kill a third of mankind. Should Russia distribute these new weapons among its troops and those of its allies, it could help create the most powerful military alliance the world has ever seen.

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