Migrant Caravan Headed for America’s Southern Border

A migrant caravan of thousands of people is making its way across Mexico, headed toward the United States’ southern border.

The migrants took off on foot Monday after becoming fed up with waiting for visa applications to be approved at Mexico’s migrant processing center in Tapachula, southern Mexico.

  • In the beginning, the caravan was made up of only about 5,000 migrants, according to the caravan’s organizer, Irineo Mujica.
  • Mujica says the number is now closer to 7,000 people as hundreds have joined over the past few days.
  • Mexico’s state authorities, however, estimate the number to be around 3,500.

The migrants—mainly from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Venezuela—are all seeking asylum in the U.S.

Police and ambulances are escorting them along Mexico’s coastal highways. Some migrants are even offered rides.

Weaponized: According to Mujica many of the countries are “fueling” America’s migrant crisis by helping transport immigrants “straight into the United States.” He explained that immigration is being weaponized against the U.S. and the Biden administration.

But the Biden administration is doing nothing to combat this weaponization. Why is Joe Biden knowingly allowing thousands of migrants to flood into America? To understand, read “The Intentional Border Crisis.”