Germany’s Military Commitment to Israel

Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister, speaks to the members of the Bundestag.
Kay Nietfeld/picture alliance via Getty Images

Germany’s Military Commitment to Israel

What if an ‘apocalyptic scenario’ occurs?

“Any help Israel needs, it will get from Germany—even military support,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on October 15.

Hamas’s recent terrorist attack showed Israel’s vulnerability. Its military is well prepared to take out Hamas terrorists, but in a larger conflict, it may call on German military support. Germany is now preparing for this exact scenario.

“Hezbollah must not intervene in the fighting,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned on October 12 in front of the Bundestag. “There would then be the threat of a devastating conflagration, with possible repercussions as far as North Africa and Yemen. Together with our partners, we are using all channels to prevent such an apocalyptic scenario.”

But what if the “apocalyptic scenario” occurs?

The same day, Scholz noted: “I have asked Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu to remain in close contact and to inform us of any need.”

Following the attack, Israel turned to Germany for warship ammunition (but later withdrew that request). Germany returned two advanced drones to fight Hamas, which it had previously leased from Israel. According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Israel requested blood reserves and protective vests. According to Spiegel, Germany prepared a medical package worth $200,000, which Israel offered to pay for and even collect from Germany.

Given Israel’s advanced capabilities, there is little need for such assistance at the moment. Yet German politicians and military leaders keep pledging military support for Israel.

“We have to prepare for all eventualities,” said Inspector of the Navy Jan Christian Kaack in an interview with Handelsblatt published on October 23. He added that the Navy has special forces on the ground and keeps additional personnel with high readiness in reserve. Should Israel again request ammunition for warships, the Navy would be “ready and able to help.”

Just days after the attack, the Christian Democratic Union (cdu) and Christian Social Union called on the German government to provide military aid to Israel if necessary. “The security of Israel is Germany’s reason of state. This must finally be credibly underpinned,” cdu security expert Roderich Kiesewetter said on October 10. “This also includes carrying out support measures for Israel by German security forces, if requested by Israel.” He stressed that “the security and existence of Israel and its citizens also concern our security, and in this respect it also includes sending our own soldiers if necessary.”

Israel has not yet requested German soldiers, but German Special Forces units and equipment were flown to Cyprus to prepare for military missions in the Middle East, Bild reported on October 18. These forces are prepared to save German hostages but are also preparing “for all options.”

Kiesewetter also mentioned the possibility of a “deterrence mission” by German fighter planes or the Navy. Germany could also offer “Bundeswehr support in the medical field, because numerous civilians and soldiers are injured,” he said. “This is where Germany could help in a meaningful way.”

On October 12, the Bundestag passed a mandate that read:

Israel’s right to exist and security are nonnegotiable for the members of the German Bundestag. Accordingly, on the basis of international law, Germany must provide Israel with everything necessary and desirable for its defense.

Germany has promised Israel close to unconditional support. It will even deploy the Bundeswehr on the ground “if the question arises,” Kiesewetter said on October 18.

For example, Germany could send a warship to the coast of Gaza to display military strength. The German Air Force could fly over Israel’s borders to “simply show by being present that Germany and other European allies stand by Israel.”

German think tanks are also urging Germany to prepare to aid Israel in the face of a larger conflict. The German Council on Foreign Relations wrote:

Hamas is not acting alone. There is considerable evidence that Hamas’s leadership has close ties to the Russian leadership and is supported by Iran. Therefore, the recent events in Israel are more than just a local terrorist act. Germany must understand that not only Israel, but the security of the entire West is threatened when state actors cooperate with terrorist organizations like Hamas to advance their interests.

From Russia’s point of view, any such conflict is a strategic asset, as it diverts attention and threatens to erode the West’s resources. Iran not only supports terrorists who attack Israel, but also supplies weapons to Russia. Such coordinated actions by states and non-state actors require a broader and more decisive response. Therefore, Germany must position itself more clearly against the Iranian regime on the strategic stage.

Iranian leaders have repeatedly pledged to wipe out Israel. What if Iran and Israel enter a direct confrontation? What if Iran threatens to use nuclear weapons at some point? Clearly this would be a game changer for Israel’s response and Germany’s military support.

European leaders are now seriously considering what Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Ulf Gartzke wrote in 2013: The German government is missing “a broader debate—both in public and among top German officials—about what Berlin should do if diplomacy fails and Israel is compelled to take military action against the Iranian nuclear threat” (“Germany Must Have Israel’s Back”).

The Bible reveals details about the conflicts building before us. Daniel 11:40 speaks of a confrontation between “the king of the south” and “the king of the north.” As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains in The King of the South, this speaks of a military strike from a German-led European empire against radical Islam led by Iran. He writes:

The soon-coming Holy Roman Empire—a superpower with 10 kings, dominated by Catholicism and led by the most deceptive and aggressive Germany ever—realizes that Muslim fervor could spread like wildfire should Iran capture Jerusalem. Many Catholics consider Jerusalem their most important religious site.

If Iran gets control of that trade route, it could create enormous damage and chaos in America and Europe almost overnight. Germany and the Vatican, the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, are not going to allow the king of the south to take over Jerusalem and the world’s number one trade route!

Daniel 11:40 reveals that as a result Iran’s pushiness, Germany will conquer Iran and its allies in a “whirlwind” attack. By preparing to defend Israel against the Iranian threat, Germany is preparing to fulfill this prophecy.

To learn more, request a free copy of The King of the South.