Hamas Trained for War in Iran

Hamas terrorists trained in Iran in September before attacking Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. This included 500 terrorists from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad—roughly half the number of terrorists that broke into Israel on October 7.

The Quds Force, the special operations division of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, conducted the exercises. According to the Wall Street Journal, Quds Force leader Esmail Qaani was present.

Plausible deniability? Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are Iranian proxy groups. They have received tens of millions of dollars from Iran over the years. But reports like the Wall Street Journal’s suggest Iran was more than a hands-off sponsor with the current war. More and more evidence suggests Iran orchestrated it. This includes a report of a meeting held between Iran and Hamas the week before the attack.

Hamas spokesmen even brag about Iranian support publicly to Western media. The United States government denies having any evidence that Iran planned this attack. How could private citizens working for independent media have more information than the U.S. intelligence community? It appears the government is covering for Iran.

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