Canada Will Now Help Kill Drug Addicts

Canada’s government will legalize medically assisted suicide for drug addicts and people with mental disorders, according to an October 18 Toronto Star report. Starting in March 2024, Canada’s medical assistance in dying (maid) law will include suicide as a treatment option for people “whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental disorder,” the report said.

maid came into effect in 2016. At the time, people were only eligible if they had “grievous and irremediable medical conditions,” such as a serious illness or disability causing enduring physical or psychological suffering. maid has since broadened to include a wide range of situations.

Eugenics: Some drug users and harm reduction advocates are upset that drug addicts will be eligible for maid, labeling it eugenics. They say Canada lacks essential public health measures such as better access to overdose prevention sites, a regulated drug supply and support for housing and employment.

I just think that maid, when it has entered the area around mental health and substance use, is really rooted in eugenics. And there are people who are really struggling around substance use, and people do not actually get the kind of support and help they need.
—Zoe Dodd, Toronto-based harm reduction advocate

The Trumpet said: The expansion of euthanasia in Canada is a dark trend. What does God think about doctor-assisted suicide? In a 2013 Trumpet article titled “The Truth About Suicide,” we wrote:

How does God look at suicide? To God, suicide is not brave, courageous or romantic.

Suicide is not self-deliverance. Suicide is murder!

The Bible forbids this evil act, but few today live according to the Bible. Our loving and living God calls suicide a heinous sin—a violation of the Sixth Commandment—which not only brings a life to a tragic end, but also spreads indescribable suffering to those left behind.

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