A New Left-wing Extremist Party for Germany

Leftist politician Sahra Wagenknecht ® and colleagues present the BSW (“Buendnis Sahra Wagenknecht”) political alliance to the media on October 23, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A New Left-wing Extremist Party for Germany

How will the political turmoil end?

In response to the “worst government” in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sahra Wagenknecht, coleader of Germany’s far-left Die Linke party, is launching a new party: Bündnis (Alliance) Sahra Wagenknecht. Another extremist party is rising in Germany, pressuring the German government to make radical changes—or leave Germany ungovernable.

Germany is currently ruled “haphazardly, shortsightedly and in parts simply incompetently,” Wagenknecht claimed. “Many no longer know what to vote for or vote for the right out of anger and despair. Things can’t continue like this. Otherwise we probably won’t recognize our own country in 10 years’ time.”

Wagenknecht accused Die Linke of losing focus on the core issues of those struggling economically. She appears to aid desperate voters, but some accuse her of taking advantage of the decline of her own party.

Germany’s new extremist party is one of a kind: In addition to its left-wing Communist agenda, it stands out for some other hot-topic issues.

Wagenknecht accused the Greens of “blind, haphazard eco-activism that makes people’s lives more expensive without doing anything to help the climate.” Many Germans agree with the danger of climate change but fear the economic ruin Germany’s “green” agenda is bringing.

She is also a strong critic of the government’s support for Ukraine, and she accuses Germany of promoting war. Her appeals for peace and renewed relations with Russia are popular among Germans.

Regarding the Middle East conflict, she stated, “Gaza has been an open-air prison for many years.” Such a statement could have come from Iran or Hamas. Wagenknecht, born in former East Germany to an Iranian father and German mother, says she believes Israel has a right to defend itself, but her slogans contain anti-Semitic sentiments.

Perhaps the biggest topic Wagnknecht has tackled is “unchecked migration,” which she claims aggravates “problems … in poor neighborhoods.” This strikes the greatest fear into the current government, which is historically pro-immigration. A sudden change would be a fundamental transformation of its agenda, but if nothing changes, extreme parties will win the next elections.

Current polls rate Wagenknecht’s new party at 12 percent and the far-right and immigration party at 18 percent—meaning 30 percent of the population demands a strict handling of immigration.

Much can change before the next election, but the German government is already sounding the alarm. Wolfram Weimer wrote for n-TV.de that because of the new Wagenknecht party, Berlin is considering breaking up the current coalition and forming a new one between the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats to solve the migration issue before another election destroys the established political parties.

It’s astonishing how many are willing to vote for the extreme to solve Germany’s immigration problem. If you support Wagenknecht’s new party, you are supporting communism, Russia’s war and anti-Israeli sentiment. If you support the far right, you are supporting a neo-Nazi government. The current establishment doesn’t do anything, so what other choice is there?

The Bible prophesies that Germany will once more succumb to extremist ideologies and call on a strong leader to save it from political ruin. In our January 2019 issue, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

This is a crucial, historic time for the Continent. Its migrant crisis and financial troubles threaten to explode. Radical Islam is now deeply entrenched and could launch further attacks at any moment. And now, there is no strong leader at the helm. Can you see why we need to watch Germany? …

These shifts should awaken the whole world to what is happening in Germany! German discontent and anger are soaring. If you understand history and the national character of the German people, you know this has serious implications for this powerful nation at the heart of Europe!

There is a strong demand for a new leader in Germany. …

The Bible prophesies that Germans will get that leader. It even describes the political conditions that will bring this man to power—and these political conditions are very similar to the political conditions now present in Germany and Europe!

Daniel 8 is one of the most astonishing prophecies in the Bible, and you need to understand it.

Daniel 8:23 reads: “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.”

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