Dutch Marines Sent to Cyprus in Case of Israel-Hamas Escalation

The Dutch Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs sent marines and embassy personnel to Cyprus on October 18 “in case the situation in Israel and Palestinian territories deteriorates further,” the ministry said.

Two C-130 military transport aircraft and a chartered airplane flew from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, bringing 200 marines and support staff to Cyprus “to be able to react quickly from that location.” The airplanes will remain there “as long as necessary.”

German Special Forces units and equipment were sent to Cyprus the same day.

Evacuation base: The location allows for quick deployment from the Mediterranean Sea for operations related to freeing hostages and evacuating European citizens.

“From 11 to 18 October, a total of 774 Dutch nationals and 144 people with other nationalities have been repatriated from Israel on Dutch repatriation flights,” the Dutch government said.

Prophecy says: Europe’s involvement in the Israel-Hamas war is significant from a prophetic perspective. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has written that the Netherlands will be part of a German-led European empire that is rising now.

Daniel 11:40 prophesies this European empire will conquer Iran and radical Islam.

Then, after conquering radical Islam, this European empire will “enter also into the glorious land”—speaking of Jerusalem (verse 41). Europe has had its sights on that city for centuries. It views Cyprus as an important waypoint in the path there.
—Gerald Flurry, “Why Germany Conquered Cyprus