Germany Prepares for Military Operations in the Middle East

A soldier of the Naval Special Forces Command of the German Navy
AXEL HEIMKEN/AFP via Getty Images

Germany Prepares for Military Operations in the Middle East

German Special Forces units and equipment were flown to Cyprus to prepare for military missions in the Middle East, Bild reported on October 18. Moving soldiers to Cyprus enables quick deployment from the Mediterranean Sea for tasks like freeing hostages and evacuating German citizens. Germany has long prepared to make Cyprus a staging ground for military missions in the Middle East. It is now paying off.

The German government moved members of the Army, Special Forces Command (ksk), Naval Special Forces and German Federal Police (who specialize in hostage rescues) in and around Cyprus. Additionally, Germany has stationed military transport aircraft on standby in the region. The special forces are prepared to help Germans out of Gaza and Lebanon.

Bild noted that Germany is preparing for “all scenarios” as the conflict between Israel and its terrorist neighbors escalates.

Security politicians from the Bundestag noted that all available forces for such missions are nearby: “We are cold-start capable and prepared for all options,” meaning troops are ready to be deployed on short notice.

For 17 years, German troops have been stationed in Cyprus as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (unifil). Cyprus Defense Minister Charalambos Petrides said in 2022:

Though not so widely known, our two countries have a long-standing defense cooperation through the facilities offered by the Republic of Cyprus to the German unifil Maritime Task Force contingent, which is based in Cyprus since 2006.

We will continue to support you in this important deployment for the fulfillment of the mission’s mandate for ensuring maritime security in the area.

Due to its key strategic location, many have sought to control Cyprus in the past. In his 2019 article “Why Germany Conquered Cyprus,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained:

Russia has an acute interest in Syria, which would make Cyprus a useful base. Britain’s bases in Cyprus have been invaluable to America as it has waged wars in the Middle East. Turkey invaded northern Cyprus in 1974; more recently, it has tried to leverage that presence to gain control of the oil and gas in sea surrounding the island.

But Germany has worked through the [European Union] to ensure it dominates Cyprus.

After entering the EU and adopting the euro, Cyprus has become dependent on the German economy.

Mr. Flurry also explained why Germany wants to control Cyprus:

Look at a map, and you can see it is a stepping-stone between Europe and the Middle East. It is near Jerusalem, it is near Rome, and it is near Berlin. Understand its proximity to these important cities and to strategic areas, and you begin to understand why Cyprus has played such a crucial role in history.

Once again, the Trumpet was ahead of its time. Cyprus has become a launchpad for German military intervention in the Middle East.

There are also historic parallels to Germany’s control over Cyprus. “During the Crusades, when European warriors descended on the coasts of Israel and Lebanon, at times they relied on Cyprus for a base,” Mr. Flurry wrote.

Germany is now using its special forces to intervene in the Middle East, primarily the ksk. This special force has made the news repeatedly for its right-wing extremism. The German government has supposedly cleansed the ksk of its extremist and anti-Semitic views. But can it be trusted?

The Bible sounds the alarm. Referencing a prophecy in Daniel 11, Mr. Flurry noted:

After conquering radical Islam, this European empire will “enter also into the glorious land”—speaking of Jerusalem (verse 41). Europe has had its sights on that city for centuries. It views Cyprus as an important way point in the path there.

The stage is being set for this prophecy’s fulfillment. Read Mr. Flurry’s article “Why Germany Conquered Cyprus” to learn how Bible prophecy is ahead of its time.