Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Chairman of Fox and News Corp

The 92-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as the chairman of the board of both Fox and News Corp. According to a statement released September 21, the move will be official in November, when Murdoch will be appointed chairman emeritus of each company.

The Australian-born media magnate will hand chairmanship of News Corp to his son Lachlan Murdoch. Lachlan will also continue as Fox Corp.’s executive chair.

Media bias: Six megacorporations control 90 percent of the United States media, but News Corp is the only one of these six that is nominally conservative. Yet this may be about to change.

Lachlan, a graduate of Princeton University, has accepted many of the liberal values that come with an Ivy League education. He is not as progressive as his brother James Murdoch, who is married to a Joe Biden supporter. But media writer Michael Wolff alleges that Lachlan kept toilet paper printed with Donald Trump’s face in his house during the 2016 election. Many expect Lachlan to take News Corp in a more anti-Trump direction.

Deadly danger: A free and fair press is critical to freedom, which is why those who want to establish state supremacy work so hard to control the media. If News Corp goes liberal, there will be no conservative voices left in America’s corporate media.

Barack Obama has denounced conservative media as “the single biggest threat to our democracy,” but the fact is that conservative media is almost dead in America. The Bible said truth would be cast down to the ground by an organized host of people in the end time (Daniel 8:12)—this prophecy is being fulfilled.

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