UK Parliament Researcher Caught Spying for China

A parliamentary researcher who worked closely with senior members of the British Parliament was arrested in March for Chinese espionage, the Sunday Times reported on September 10. Counterterrorism police arrested him for spying for China and breaking the Official Secrets Act.

Chris Cash, a 28-year-old who spent time living and working in China, was accused of being recruited as a Chinese agent and sent to Britain.

  • While in Britain, he was employed by chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Alicia Kearns.
  • He became a parliamentary pass holder and worked closely with M.P.s regarding international policy, particularly on relations with Beijing.
  • Cash also cofounded the China Research Group with British Security Minster Tom Tugendhat.

Not the first time: Cash is not the only individual who has worked with Parliament who is suspected of being a Chinese spy. In 2021, two Conservative candidates were blocked from election because of links they had with the United Front Work Department, a branch of the Chinese Communist Party.

‘Potential’ risk: The British House of Commons is being pressured to designate China as a “potential risk to UK safety or interests,” under the Foreign Influence Registration Scheme. This would require everyone working in the United Kingdom under the direction of China or Chinese-state companies to register with the government.

It appears that China has a high level of intent to interfere with the UK government, targeting officials and bodies at a range of levels to influence UK political thinking and decision-making relevant to China.
—Commons Intelligence and Security Committee

Communist infiltration: This is not just a British problem. At the end of 2020 it was discovered that the Chinese Communist Party had members influencing politics, business and media in countries around the world. In the February 2021 Trumpet, we wrote:

This revelation proves that the world is dealing with a determined, resourceful enemy, and that nations have been too casual about protecting themselves against espionage, intellectual property theft, and who knows what else these Communists are doing.
—“Wake Up to the Threat From China