China Strengthens Caribbean Influence

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said during Johannesburg’s brics summit on August 23 that Cuba’s alliance with China is at an “all-time high.” This should concern the United States, particularly after recent reports that China has built a spy base on Cuba and is also building a military training base there—just 100 miles from America’s coast in Florida.

Starting with Panama: Former President Donald Trump discussed these developments in an interview published on August 23, tying China’s Caribbean influence back to the selling of the Panama Canal:

We gave [the canal] away for $1. China now controls it. … We shouldn’t let that happen, and we can’t let China be in Cuba. … We built the Panama Canal—should’ve never been given to Panama.
—Donald Trump

In his booklet China’s Dangerous Move Against America, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warns about this very situation. “[N]ow that China has a solid commercial foothold at the canal, what would stop it from opening military bases there and moving its troops, submarines, warships and fighter jets in?” he asks.

Chinese soldiers are not stationed in Panama yet, but the recent developments in Cuba show China’s influence in Latin America is rapidly growing and events are moving in that direction.

In his book Isaiah’s End-Time Vision, Mr. Flurry shows how prophets including Moses, Isaiah and Ezekiel foretold of the general trends now underway. The Bible’s prophecies show that current developments in Latin America, the Caribbean and other global regions will result in an economic siege against the United States.

Though some modern commentators can now see the threats multiplying against America, including in the U.S.’s backyard, the Bible informed Mr. Flurry’s understanding of these events decades ago. If Scripture accurately predicts the state of today’s world, we need to heed what it says comes next.

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