Vatican Slams U.S. Border Fence

As nearly 6,000 illegal aliens cross into the United States per day, a Vatican City newspaper is decrying America’s border fence. A front-page L’Osservatore Romano editorial is accompanied by a photo of two migrants crawling through razor wire with the caption: “The suffering of the migrants who try to get through the barriers placed between Mexico and the United States.”

Mother church: Despite the fact that Vatican City is guarded by 40-foot walls, the pope is a critic of border fences. In his 2013 ecumenical Evangelii Gaudium, he wrote:

Migrants present a particular challenge for me, since I am the pastor of a church without frontiers, a church which considers herself mother to all. For this reason, I exhort all countries to a generous openness which, rather than fearing the loss of local identity, will prove capable of creating new forms of cultural synthesis.

Evangelical crusade: The Vatican supports illegal aliens around the world, but takes a special interest in illegal aliens in the United States. According to the Vienna Institute of Demography, Catholicism will overtake Protestantism to become the largest religion in the U.S. by the middle of the century if immigration doubles.

Archbishop José Horacio Gómez has laid out a plan to transform American culture. “The forces of globalization are changing our economy and forcing us to rethink the scope and purpose of our government,” he wrote in 2011. “Immigration is a key to our American renewal.”

Foreign enemy: Revelation 17 and Isaiah 47 refer to the religious and political power of a false church. The church known as “Mystery, Babylon the Great” in Revelation is referred to as the “daughter of Babylon” and the “lady of kingdoms” in Isaiah. It will rule over 10 nations in Europe.

Because God is “wroth” with the descendants of ancient Israel for their sins, He will turn them over to this religious power, which will carry them away captive. This religious power encourages illegal immigration to the U.S. because it wants to conquer America.

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