Requested Court Dates Show Election Interference

United States President Donald Trump’s trial will begin just before Republican primaries get underway, if his prosecutors get their way. On August 10, prosecutors for his third indictment requested the trial begin on January 2. The Iowa caucus is scheduled for January 15. The New Hampshire primary should follow shortly afterward. With the trial expected to last four to six weeks, the timing will hurt Trump’s campaign.

January 15 is also the start date for Jean Carroll’s defamation case against Mr. Trump.

While on trial, President Trump will be required to sit in a courtroom from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days per week, tremendously hindering his ability to campaign.

On August 16, District Attorney Fani Willis suggested Trump’s trial for interfering in the Georgia election should start on March 4. This is just one day before Super Tuesday, the day 14 states hold their state primaries. The suggested date would also cause Trump to miss 10 other state primaries that will occur in the weeks afterward.

The president’s legal woes do not end there. Beginning March 25, his hush-money trial might force his absence for the primaries of Delaware (April 23), Pennsylvania (April 23), Rhode Island (April 23) and Wisconsin (April 2). With his final trial set for May 20, Trump could miss the primaries of Kentucky (May 21), Nebraska (May 14), New Jersey (June 4), New Mexico (June 4), Oregon (May 21) and South Dakota (June 4).

Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming have not yet scheduled their caucuses or primaries. Depending on when they fall, the Republican frontrunner could be prohibited from attending and campaigning.

Though it is impossible to predict how many caucuses and primaries the president will miss, these timetables indicate that the left is attempting to stop their top political opponent from campaigning.

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