Wanted: New German Government

Wanted: New German Government

A record 70 percent of Germans are unhappy with the work of their chancellor. Sixty-four percent are unhappy with their government, and a mere 22 percent want the current leaders to continue their work. The recent insa poll conducted for Bild on August 17 and 18 reveals the extent of dissatisfaction. Representatives of the German government are breaking records that a leader doesn’t want to break. Once popular ministers are becoming symbols of scorn. Yet the cry of the people is ignored.

The government saw poor results last December after just one year in office. Despite the bad polling results, the government continues to praise its accomplishments. Chancellor Olaf Scholz tweeted on August 20: “This government has set a fast pace in the industrial modernization of our country and the expansion of renewable energies. And we are continuing to pick up this pace.”

The government is not measuring its success by improving people’s lives or even by its popularity levels. This is concerning for any government that claims to represent the will of the people. There is no sign of change and no desire to rethink the agenda. Those who are concerned about green energy policies, the coronavirus measures or the government’s stance on Ukraine are ridiculed, ignored or even silenced.

Increasingly, it appears that Germany, and many other European countries, is ruled by elites who don’t believe they are accountable to anyone.

The Bible prophesies of a coming leader who will once again captivate the German people and will have the charisma to rally core European nations behind his leadership. Daniel 11:21 reveals that this leader will rise by “flatteries.” He will fascinate Europe. Revelation 17 confirms that he will walk in the footsteps of past emperors and unite 10 kings under his rule.

Prior leaders of this empire like Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Napoleon and Adolf Hitler were virtually worshiped by their populations. It often took crushing defeat before their spell began to fade. And the Bible reveals that the rise of this final leader will be even more spectacular. As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in A Strong German Leader Is Imminent: “The next Charlemagne will be much more sophisticated than Hitler—much more cultured.”

This man will appear like a breath of fresh air in the current political stalemate and chaos. He will promise solutions that make sense and appeal to the intellect of the people. He will appear as an angel of light, indeed as a savior. But the Bible warns in Jeremiah 17:5, “Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.”

Germany and all of Europe, take warning now. Even though conditions are bad, those who promise solutions will not be able to bring them. In fact, Daniel 8:23-25 reveal that this coming strongman will promise peace but bring such unprecedented warfare that it will take Jesus Christ’s intervention to stop it (see also Revelation 17:14).

This final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire will be a sign that Christ’s return is just a few short years away. Sadly, it will take an unprecedented war before mankind will be willing to accept His intervention and rule—and even then, many will fight His coming (Matthew 24; Zechariah 14).

Germany, Europe and our entire world are about to experience dramatic change in leadership. To learn how it will come about and what will follow, read A Strong German Leader Is Imminent.