‘This EU Must Die for the Real Europe to Live’

Thuringia’s regional leader of Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany party Bjoern Hoecke

‘This EU Must Die for the Real Europe to Live’

The European Union “must die so that the real Europe can live,” Björn Höcke, far-right leader of Thuringia’s Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD), declared in an interview on July 29. His words set the tone for his party’s European election conference on August 6. During the conference, AfD party delegates said the EU was a “failed project” and called for “a federation of European nations, a new European economic and interest community that preserves the sovereignty of member states.” But what’s most concerning is the party’s vision for Germany’s role in this “federation of European nations.”

During the party’s annual conference, which was held July 29-30, the AfD hosted speakers from far-right parties throughout Europe. One speaker deeply inspired Maximilian Krah, the AfD’s top EU candidate. He encouraged his party members to imitate the “courage and passion” of Bulgarian politician Kostadin Kostadinov, chairman of Bulgaria’s pro-Russian Revival party.

Kostadinov claimed that Germany had been the “cornerstone of Europe for over 1,000 years.” And reminded the audience that Bulgaria and Germany had been “allied twice in war”—referencing the two world wars. Yet he said that today Germany is “in a political state that does not take into account its historical role and importance.” He then boldly declared: “It is high time that your country takes its rightful place as a great power—and not only in Europe!” According to Spiegel Online, the crowd’s “initial murmuring was quickly drowned out by applause, laughter and shouts” of the approving Jawohl, or “Yes, indeed!”

This might have been one of the most blunt calls for Germany to restore its power status that we have had since World War ii—and it came from a voice outside of Germany.

The following day, Krah said: “We heard fantastic speeches here yesterday. When it comes to our colleague from Bulgaria …. [t]hat’s the kind of courage and passion we need to make it happen.” This is a very typical response from the AfD when it comes to overcoming past taboos. As soon as someone with “courage” breaks the taboo, the rest of the party follows suit.

What’s remarkable is, the further right the party shifts, the more its popularity grows. The AfD is currently Germany’s second most popular party and is now setting its sights on Europe, with a policy that has Europe-wide support.

The AfD’s demand to rehabilitate Germany’s role comes with the promise of removing the EU’s unnecessarily bureaucratic system and preserving “the sovereignty of member states.” Many have accused Germany of seeking to overregulate the affairs of member states. This is partly what led to Britain’s exit from the EU. Poland and Hungary are in constant battle with the EU over interfering with their sovereignty. Hungarian ambassador to the Vatican Eduard Habsburg writes in his book The Habsburg Way: “Brussels should not concern itself with problems that can be solved on the national level.”

In a 2014 interview, the legendary German politician Edmund Stoiber expressed similar sentiment, stating that “not everything can be regulated nor must everything be regulated.” In 2019, Stoiber explained why. Referring to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that Europe must become a world power, Stoiber said: “We must build bridges so that everyone should want that.”

Indeed, Germany’s ambitions are closely connected to Europe. A German superpower means a European superpower. Germany’s dream of world dominance hasn’t died. But the road to acceptance has been long, with many obstacles. Bit by bit, these obstacles have been overcome. The AfD is now promising something that could cause some other European nations to rally behind a revived Germany.

Numerous Bible prophecies depict the final world-ruling empire as a conglomerate of 10 nations, or groups of nations, ruled by 10 kings (Daniel 2; Revelation 17). As Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains in “Ten Kings of the New Holy Roman Empire Rising Now,” the Bible prophesies that Germany will dominate these nations. The late Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed these prophesies for decades. He declared that these prophecies will lead to the return of Jesus Christ. But his warnings have been dismissed.

Germany’s rise seemed inconceivable after World War ii. Jesus Christ’s Second Coming seemed too fantastic. But today, Germany is increasingly leading a united Europe; its rise is occurring right before your eyes. Could it be that Christ’s return is also imminent? The Bible’s prophecies are indeed for our day! To understand how they are being fulfilled, request a free copy of He Was Right. Also read Mr. Flurry’s article “Ten Kings of the New Holy Roman Empire Rising Now.”