Belief in God, Angels, Devil Hits Record Low

Belief in God and other spiritual entities has fallen to a new low in America, according to a Gallup poll released July 20. This poll indicated that 74 percent of Americans believe in God. Yet only 69 percent believe in angels and only 58 percent believe in the devil.

Since Gallup began collecting data 22 years ago, belief in God has dropped 16 percentage points; belief in angels, 10 points; and belief in the devil 10 points. The Gallup poll was conducted May 1–24 and questioned 1,011 adults across the United States.

Declining belief: Many recent polls have highlighted rising agnosticism in the U.S., but this one spotlights the 16 percent of Americans who believe in God but not the devil. About three quarters of our people still believe in a Creator, but they don’t understand their Bibles as they once did. So belief in Satan is hitting record lows even as he tears the nation and its political system to pieces.

Rising dysfunction: This lack of belief in the devil is one of the main reasons communism is taking over the nation. Herbert W. Armstrong warned that communism was the devil’s tool to destroy governments.

“Satan is not a visible red devil with tail, horns and a pitchfork,” he wrote in 1951. “The real Satan is invisible. The world doesn’t see him or recognize his works. … It doesn’t grasp the diabolical deception of communism—Satan’s economic delusion, employing propaganda based on false economies as its first arm of attack, backed up by the Red Army, as the means of putting its third arm, totalitarian government, in power over the whole Earth.”

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