EU Lures Latin America

CELAC Summit in Brussels on July 18, 2023.

EU Lures Latin America

European Union officials are hosting dozens of Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Brussels, Belgium, from July 17 to 18, marking the first summit between the two blocs in eight years. The meeting could jump-start a deal the two sides have been negotiating for decades. The EU and the South American trade bloc Mercosur have much in common. But they are also divided by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There is one way they can unite, and the answer is not just more investment.

On July 17, it was announced that the EU will invest €45 billion (us$51 billion) in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2027. Concerning this Global Gateway investment program, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said: “We shaped a high-quality investment agenda together, to the benefit of both our regions. … Global Gateway comes with the highest environmental and social standards, and with transparency. This is Europe’s way of doing business.”

It is hard to say no to a multibillion-dollar investment deal. But there are also issues that the two sides have recently clashed over, such as deforestation of the Amazon and support for Ukraine. These disagreements are not easily overcome. History shows, however, how the two sides can unite.

Historical connection: Latin America and Europe share a special connection dating back to the reign of the Habsburgs 500 years ago. During this era, Spain served as a bridge to the “new world” across the Atlantic, with rulers using strategic marriages to seal empire-expanding deals. Religious and cultural ties outlasted kings and emperors.

The Trumpet said: Based on historic precedence and Bible prophecy, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in our March 2019 issue:

Before Europe can be closely tied to Latin America, something will have to change. The current politically and religiously disunified EU will have to become a politically, militarily and religiously unified Holy Roman Empire. Latin America is already quite united in its religion; the Holy Roman Empire will have to become united in its religion as well. And the only way to remove the division is by reducing that union to 10 nations. It is prophesied to happen (Revelation 17).

As our July 2023 issue shows, this change in Europe is now taking place. Europe is realizing it must unite in a more powerful, militaristic fashion as in the days of old. But Revelation 17 also shows that a church, symbolically represented by a woman, needs to be heavily involved for this union to work. The Catholic Church has been the glue holding European nations together and linking them to Latin American states, and the Bible reveals the church will serve the same function in the last resurrection of this empire. As we watch European leaders forge this landmark trade agreement with Latin America, we also need to watch the revival of Holy Roman Empire politics in Europe. Time will prove the Bible’s prophecies to be sure.

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