Flash Floods Rage in U.S. Northeast

Torrential downpours in the Northeastern United States on July 10 unleashed flash floods that washed out roads, put 13 million Americans under flood watches, and killed one person. New York and Vermont were hit the hardest, but Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were also affected. According to AccuWeather Inc., the widespread flooding will likely cause $3 billion to $5 billion in direct storm damage, as well as further economic losses.

Extreme weather: New York Gov. Kathleen Hochul declared a state of emergency, calling the flooding a “1-in-1,000-year weather event.” Yet as the Northeast is inundated, the Midwest is suffering from its worst drought in a decade. Below-average rainfall is threatening newly seeded corn and soybean crops in the Midwest while rain is washing away roads in the Northeast.

Divine curses: The Prophet Amos foretold that God would punish end-time Israel (America, Britain and the Jewish nation in the Middle East) by causing it to rain upon some cities and not on others (Amos 4:7). America is suffering today as corn withers and roads wash away.

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