Germany Wins Neutral Austria and Switzerland for Its Sky Shield

As nuclear ballistic missiles are growing in their potential to wipe out entire countries, air defense is becoming increasingly important. Germany has taken the lead in Europe to join European air defense capabilities.

Last week, neutral Austria and Switzerland agreed to join the German-led European Sky Shield Initiative, increasing the participating countries to 19. The Swiss and Austrian defense ministers, Viola Amherd and Klaudia Tanner, signed the corresponding agreement in Bern, Switzerland, on July 7.

If the Ukraine War has shown one thing, among many others, it is that the importance of air defense cannot be overstated at all.
—Boris Pistorius, German defense minister

From neutral to semi-neutral: Austria and Switzerland are not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The two nations, therefore, emphasized that joining the initiative won’t entail any participation in international military conflicts. But the project will involve cooperation in training, maintenance and logistics.

Germany in the lead: Based on Revelation 17 and other related prophecies, the Trumpet expects Europe to unify under German leadership. Germany’s recent Sky Shield Initiative is one example of many that shows that Germany is stepping into this prophesied role.

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