Pope Francis Hosts President Bill Clinton and Alex Soros in Private Vatican Visit

In an unannounced visit on July 5, Pope Francis hosted former United States President Bill Clinton alongside billionaire George Soros’s son and successor in a private audience at the Vatican. Vatican News posted a short video clip of the pope greeting Clinton and Alex Soros at his residence at the Casa Santa Marta. Subsequent reports only specified that the three men spoke about “peace”; the Vatican does not want the details of the meeting made known.

European unity: Bill Clinton is one of only three Americans who have received the Charlemagne Prize for efforts in promoting European unity, while George Soros is a strong advocate for closer eurozone integration. The fact that Clinton and George Soros’s son are meeting the head of the Catholic Church is newsworthy. Clinton has also met privately with former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. And Alex Soros has promised to be more political than his father, who recently retired from active fund management. The trio that met at the Vatican wields tremendous power.

Coming conflict: The Prophet Ezekiel foretold that in the end time many would talk about peace but there would be no peace (Ezekiel 13:10). Men like Pope Francis, Bill Clinton and Alex Soros think they can create peace by building up a “United States of Europe” with the strength to stand against Russia. Yet based on many scriptures, the late Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in the October 1951 Plain Truth that “in promoting this utopian idea [of a United States of Europe], gullible, trusting America and Britain are creating the Frankenstein that shall destroy them!”

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