Germany Cuts Spending, Except in Defense

Germany’s government approved a 2024 budget draft on Wednesday that requests spending cuts in most areas, with the notable exception of defense. In years prior, the defense sector often suffered restraint. This astonishing trend reversal marks the beginning of a new Germany.

New budget: The government’s 2024 budget calls for:

  • Spending of €445.7 billion (us$485.7 billion), 7 percent less than the €476.3 billion (us$519 billion) it expects to spend this year.
  • Increased defense spending by €1.7 billion (us$1.9 billion) to €51.8 billion (us$56.4 billion).

Using a special €100 billion fund set up after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany will top up its already increased military budget by another €19 billion (us$21 billion) to reach over €70 billion (us$76 billion) in defense next year. Germany is thus expected to reach its goal of spending 2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense.

New military power: Germany is filling its inventory with modern American, European and Israeli weaponry, and is on track to become the third largest military spender in the world.

Germany’s rise prophesied: Our booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire explains that the biblical end-time prophecies that refer to ancient Assyria apply to its modern descendants: Germany. In Isaiah 10:5-7, God calls Germany the rod of His anger. God raises up Germany’s military as the sins of modern Israel, primarily America and Britain, increase.

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