America Is Running Out of Ammo

The United States could face an acute ammunition shortage as the Ukrainian military burns through bullets and shells faster than American factories can produce them. “From advanced weapons systems to the ordinary artillery shells that Ukraine needs by the thousands a day, America cannot produce enough to keep up with demand,” reported Federalist columnist Nathanael Blake in a July 6 editorial. “And we lack the infrastructure and resources to quickly close the gap.”

The Center for Strategic and International Studies warns that America has provided more than 1 million shells of ammunition to Ukraine but can only produce 2,350 shells a month. Unless America can ramp up shell production, it will take about 35 years to replenish the ammunition it has given away. This is bad news for Ukraine, as Russia will likely win a war of attrition in Eastern Europe.

Manufacturing decline: The U.S. once dominated the manufacturing world. Yet over the past half century, manufacturing’s share of the gross domestic product has fallen from 27 percent to 12 percent. This decline has crippled America’s ammunition industry. The U.S. has enough raw materials to make as much ammo as it wants, but it no longer has the heavy equipment needed to churn out shells.

The U.S. government is working on getting more equipment and expects to ramp up shell production to 40,000 shells per month by 2050. Yet the U.S. military will be left vulnerable in the meantime.

Prophesied destruction: American manufacturing turned the tide of World War ii and destroyed the Soviet Union. Yet today this once mighty sector of the economy is struggling to produce enough ammo for Ukraine to hold off a few hundred thousand Russian soldiers. This could be the start of a prophecy recorded in Micah 5:10-13, where God says that at the moment end-time Israel (America and Britain primarily) reaches the zenith of its power, He will cut off its weapons systems and throw down its bases. He will break not just the pride of its power (Leviticus 26:18-19), but also its very power!

The U.S. no longer has the economy or industrial base to support the strongest military in the world.

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