Germany to Buy 60 U.S. Chinook Helicopters

On July 5, Germany’s parliamentary budget committee approved the purchase of 60 Chinook helicopters from American manufacturer Boeing for €8 billion (us$8.7 billion).

Fortifying Berlin: Reuters reported that 47 of the helicopters will be based in Holzdorf, 31 miles south of Berlin, along with several Arrow 3 missile defense units that Germany aims to purchase from Israel.

With the procurement of 60 heavy transport helicopters for €7.2 billion, we are launching one of the most important procurement projects of the Bundeswehr special fund.
—Sebastian Schaefer, Greens committee member

Foreign missions: Spiegel Online reported that the new helicopters will be the “work horse” of the German military. Capable of carrying more than 10 tons, the transport helicopters are important for national and alliance defense and invaluable for foreign missions.

The recent procurements are just one of many signs that Germany is reviving its military.

A rising beast power: Based on various Bible prophecies, the late Herbert W. Armstrong declared for decades that a powerful militarized Germany would lead a revived European empire. Due to its historic and prophesied ferocity, the Bible calls this empire a “beast.” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained how Mr. Armstrong’s Bible-based forecast is becoming reality in his article “Ukraine Is Hastening a New Germany.”