Russian Defense Minister Meets With Cuban Counterpart in Moscow

Russia and Cuba strengthened ties during a meeting on June 27 between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Cuban Defense Minister Alvaro Lopez Miera. Cuba is Moscow’s most important ally in the Caribbean, Shoigu stated, adding that both sides aim to further improve Russian-Cuban relations.

Cuba, of course, has been and remains the most important ally of Russia in the region. Cuban friends confirmed their attitude toward our country, including demonstrating a full understanding of the reasons for the start of a special military operation in Ukraine.
—Sergei Shoigu

Unite against America: Russia plans to develop projects in the military-technical field with Cuba, Shoigu said. He also said Russia is ready to support Cuba as it faces an “illegal” trade and economic blockade from the United States.

In conditions when the United States has been carrying out an illegal and illegitimate trade and economic blockade of Cuba for many decades, we are ready to help the Island of Freedom, lend a shoulder to our Cuban friends.
—Sergei Shoigu

This follows just two weeks after U.S. officials reported that China is preparing to build an elaborate spy station in Cuba, only 100 miles from the United States. Russia and China are increasingly close partners and both use ties to Cuba to expand their presence on America’s doorstep.

Meanwhile, Russia is also strengthening ties with Venezuela, as evidenced by talks that Russia’s foreign minister held with his Venezuelan counterpart on June 27.

America in danger: Both Cuba and Venezuela lie astride vital shipping routes that the U.S. depends on for shipping and receiving critical commodities. Our article “Preparing to Storm America’s Castle” explains how multiple nations will work together to economically besiege America. We wrote:

Now the U.S. is allowing Russia and China to forge alliances with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. This is setting the stage for a time when an alliance of hostile nations will finally lay siege to America and refuse to let shipments pass the gatehouse in either direction

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