The EU Signs Deal With Kenya

A landmark deal between Kenya and the European Union puts China on its toes in a battle over influence in Africa. The agreement signed on June 19 establishes duty-free and quota-free trade between the EU and Kenya, Africa’s seventh-largest economy.

Beyond trade, the agreement is designed to stimulate investments and manufacturing.
—William Ruto, president of Kenya

Pressured: In 2014, euractiv Germany reported that Kenya refused to sign a regional Economic Partnership Agreement (epa) that would have applied to the East African Community. In response, the EU imposed import tariffs on multiple Kenyan products; this led to numerous layoffs in several African firms. The Kenyan government gave in to the pressure.

While the EU’s deal with the entire region has not come to fruition, the EU was now able to sign an epa that applies specifically to Kenya.

In 2014, Andrew Mold, the United Nation’s economic analyst for east Africa, warned:

The African countries cannot compete with an economy like Germany’s. As a result, free trade and EU imports endanger existing industries, and future industries do not even materialize because they are exposed to competition from the EU.

Europe’s power: In 2019, we wrote: “Europe is regaining power over Africa, one aid package at a time.” This is exactly what the Bible prophesied would happen. Revelation 18:2-3 speak of Europe becoming a merchant power.

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